Graduate Students

The Right Livelihood College at UC Santa Cruz is eager to work with graduate students from all academic divisions, and all campuses. Here are some ways to get involved.
  • Attend the fall quarter Graduate Student Orientation
  • Contact us to explore which Laureates and Right Livelihood College affiliates best align with your research, teaching and learning.
  • Integrate the work of Right Livelihood Laureates into your teaching, research, or writing.
  • Record an online video interview with a Laureate for use in your class or project.
  • Apply for a travel grant to visit a Laureate or Right Livelihood College to develop a shared research or education project.
  • Attend an upcoming event of the Right Livelihood College event.
  • Attend our Right Livelihood Summer Institute.
  • Apply for a scholarship to attend the Bioneers Conference with Right Livelihood Award laureates and Right Livelihood College faculty and students.

Please email us to inquire about these opportunities.

Globally, the RLC offers workshops, internships, scholarships, community projects and lectures for which individuals can sign up or participate in. However, the RLC does not offer diploma and degree courses. Young scholars planning to pursue research in the fields of one of the Laureates are encouraged to apply for the Right Livelihood Fellowships at one of the participating RLC campuses. Current openings and information about opportunities can be found on the RLC alumni blog.