The Right Livelihood College at UC Santa Cruz is eager to work with faculty from all academic divisions and campuses. 

  • Contact us to explore which laureates and Right Livelihood College affiliates best align with your research, teaching and learning.
  • Cosponsor an upcoming Right Livelihood Award laureate at your event or conference.
  • Apply for a travel grant to visit a laureate or Right Livelihood College to develop a shared research or education project.
  • Conduct an online video interview with a laureate which you may use in your class or research project. 
  • Integrate the work of Right Livelihood laureates into your teaching, research, or writing.
  • Attend an upcoming event of the Right Livelihood College. 
  • Attend our Right Livelihood Summer Institute.
  • Apply for a scholarship to attend the Bioneers Conference with Right Livelihood Award laureates and Right Livelihood College faculty and students.

Please email us to inquire about these opportunities.